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General Directions

Warning: The drive to Halfway includes a very rough forest service road after turning off highway 23 north of Nakusp. This is poorly maintained and can be tricky at best in a small car, but it is doable. 4x4-capable vehicles are highly recommended due to the sheer number of potholes and muddy or snowy conditions in the off-season.

  1. Drive to Nakusp, BC and begin the journey at the corner of "Broadway St W" and "6th Ave SW" where the Overwaitea/Coopers Foods is located. Reset odometer trip-planner in the car to zero.
  2. Drive North on 6th Ave which continues onto Canyon Road North (Highway 6) towards Revelstoke. Continue on this road for just under 25.42 kilometres.
  3. Just before 25.42 km there is a short bridge, two turn offs, and then the "Halfway River" turn-off. Our turn-off is the one right before the Halfway River bridge and is relatively clear and o"en marked with ribbon. If you take the turn-off after the "Halfway River" bridge, you'll wind up on the wrong (North) side of the river on a different road.
  4. Continue on this dirt forest service road for almost exactly 11 kilometres and GO SLOWLY to avoid flat tires. There are a few forks in the road before the 11 km marker, but take none of them: stay on the road that looks the most used!
  5. At the 11 km fork, head down at the park signs to the left to find the official campsites.

Driving from the Okanagan

Driving time to the destination is approximately four hours if leaving from downtown Kelowna, and includes the free Needles-Faquier ferry. The ferry leaves every 30 minutes, and only takes about 10 minutes to cross the river. Drive from Kelowna to Nakusp, despite what your GPS or Google may say about taking a route through Revelstoke. The Faquier route is faster as the Needles ferry is a much shorter ride and less painful if you miss it. However, the highway you will follow out of Vernon is substantially windier and not recommended at night.

Needles-Fauquier Ferry Information

Driving from Elsewhere

Alternatively, take the Revelstoke and Galena Bay ferry route if coming from Alberta, Vancouver, Kamloops or Salmon Arm. Preferably, begin following our directions from Nakusp, even though it is a short detour south. It is the perfect stop to refuel and pick up additional supplies.

Upper Arrow Lake (Shelter/Galena Bay) Ferry Information